“…the Kingdom of God has come near!” ~Jesus (Mark 1:15)
Right here – right now. That’s “Good News”. That’s what we show in what we say & how we live each day.

Our Beliefs

The following are main themes, or core beliefs, of our faith. They declare who and what the church is, what it believes, and what it resolves to do.

What makes us part of the “One holy catholic Church”?
  • We believe in the mystery of the TRINITY: One God in three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
  • We believe in the INCARNATION of the eternal Word of God in Jesus Christ: God has come in Jesus Christ to show us who God really is.


What makes us “Protestant”?
  • We believe in JUSTIFICATION by grace through faith alone: We aren’t made right with God by anything we do, but purely by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.
  • We believe SCRIPTURE (both the Old and New Testaments) is the final authority for salvation and the life of faith. The Scriptures are inspired by the Holy Spirit of God and are God’s Word to us as Christ’s church, personally and communally.


What makes us “Reformed”?
  • We believe in God’s SOVEREIGNTY: God, not humankind, is ultimately in charge.
  • We believe in God’s ELECTION of a people for salvation and service: it’s about God’s choice rather than our own; God chooses us for service, and we are privileged to serve.
  • We believe in the COVENANT life of the church, ordering itself according to the word of God: God has made us a community and has brought us together.
  • We believe in a faithful STEWARDSHIP of God’s creation: we’re created for the responsibility of caring for the world and for one another. Everything belongs to God and we’re caretakers of it. Period.
  • We believe that God alone is worthy of our allegiance, our praise, our worship. And the struggle against the SIN of idolatry is where we so often stumble.
  • We believe in seeking justice and living in OBEDIENCE to the Word of God: our task is to be faithful in God’s command to live for the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Great Ends of the Church are the proclamation of the Gospel for the salvation of humankind, the shelter, nurture and spiritual fellowship of the children of God, the maintenance of divine worship, the preservation of the truth, the promotion of social righteousness, and the exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.