About the First Presbyterian Church of Port Huron


If Presbyterian sounds Greek to you, it is! To put it plainly–it’s a word that simply means elder. And it’s used by us to tell the world that our form of government is such that we have a board of elders who oversee ministry and mission here, and lead the larger congregation in its work and worship.

What’s this say about Jesus? Absolutely nothing.

So don’t worry about knowing how to pronounce the name of the denomination. Instead, know that we are a group of folks who gather in the name of Jesus and want to make our love for him known in the way we love one another (see John 13 for what Jesus has to say about this).

In this website, you’ll find some information that gives background as to where we came from and who we are today. The most important thing, however, is whose we are: we belong to Jesus–and that’s greater than any Greek name, or form of government, we could ever choose for ourselves.


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